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2022 Neptune Recreation Soccer Division II Game Rules for Coaches and Referees

No Heading the soccer ball in games or practices. This will result in an indirect kick for the other team.

Teams should arrive prior to scheduled start time and be dressed and ready to play.

Goalies are not allowed to punt the ball.

Games will be officiated like a regular small sided match.

Games will be 7 v 7 or 9 v 9 including the goalie depending on roster size.

Games will be two 25 minute halves

Offsides will be called. The offside line will now be the build out line, not midfield.

Ball size: 4

Build Out Line: There is another line located halfway between the penalty area and midfield which is called the build out line. The rule is the following – When the goalie has the ball in his/her hand the opposing team must retreat behind the  line. Once the goalie puts the ball in play it’s live and the opposing team may cross the build out line. The same applies when the defensive team has a goal kick. The opposing team retreats behind the build out line. Once the ball is kicked and leaves the penalty area it is live and the opposing team may cross the line. The team in possession of the ball does not have to be behind the build out line.

Substitutions are allowed on any stoppage of play at the discretion of the referee. Please be sure and wait for the referee’s signal before sending substitutions out onto the field.

No parents on the field.

No coaching from behind the goals. Players and coaches not in the game should be along the team sidelines near midfield. Parents are expected to be on the opposite side of the field than the team.

Goal kicks have to leave the penalty area before being touched by a player on either team.

Please do not run up the scores. Keep scores respectful.

Have fun!