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Soccer Program Details

  • Age Groups/Divisions - Due to US Soccer mandates, all teams will be formed by player birth year (no exceptions). 
  • We make every effort to ensure all divisions and teams are evenly balanced.

  • All teams with less than 10 players may have additional players added to their roster.

  • Participation Awards for Each Player

  • Team Shirt, Shorts and Socks for Each Player

  • Games are played primarily on Saturday morning with possible weekday evening games for 8 weeks.

  • Games range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on division.

  • There are no request for coach or player. The coach will pick his/her team at the coach meeting before season starts.

  • All practices are scheduled by volunteer coach. 

  • Teams down by more than 4 goals are allowed to put an extra player on the field.